Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy 2016!

2015 has been a crazy year for me!

It started off with a great party at my place, followed by my first exam period at the University in Leuven. Sadly enough the study of literature didn't fit me and I had to change not only my study, but also the city where I studied. Now I'm studying applied linguistics in Antwerp, which fits me a lot better. In the middle of all that I had my first love, an amazing guy but despite our great connection, we didn't work. At my new University I made friends quickly, even though making friends isn't easy for me. They've proven to be amazing and I wouldn't want my life without them. 

As you can read it wasn't all perfect but it was definitely an amazing experience. 2015 was also the year I was finally starting to heal and accept myself. In secondary school I had been bullied, and besides that my closest friends and family didn't understand what I was going through, even though I explained my problems to them a billion times. I got my first heavy depressive episode in 2014 and had my last really heavy one in June 2015. I'm proud to say that although I'm still struggling, I haven't had a depressive episode ever since. 

I learned how to be my own best friend and I decided to create this blog not only as a creative outlet, but also to help others who are in a position in life where they feel they're stuck and no one understands them. This are some of the things I do to battle my depressed feelings:

Positive vibe book

In this book I write the good things that are happening in my life so that when I feel down, I can read all the good things that have already happened

Keeping a diary

I've already been keeping a diary since I'm 8, it really helps expressing your emotions and understanding them. 

Create a safe haven

for me this is weheartit. I decided to delete all the negative things I ever 'hearted' and right now I'm only 'hearting' the images that have a positive meaning to me. When I go to my wall I only see positive things and there's nothing negative to find. This is like a sort of therapy to me. If you would like to follow me, my user name is Miss_Sheeran.

I wish you a happy 2016 with lots of love and joy! ;)(PS: I'm sorry I'm uploading this today and not yesterday! I had already finished my post yesterday but had forgotten to actually post it.)

xoxo Lien Bee

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