Thursday, 14 January 2016

Review: The Body Shop 'Fresh Nude Foundation'

Hi Guys! For the past years, I would never find a foundation that would match my skin colour. I naturally have fair skin and now that it's winter my skin is even more pale. I would always buy foundations in the lightest shade and it would always make me look like an orange. Last week I decided to go to the Body Shop, since I want to use more of their products, and bought myself a new fond de teint

Product description

From the website of The Body Shop:Make every day a good skin day with Fresh Nude Foundation. Enriched with English rose water and aloe vera, this hydrating formula leaves skin feeling beautifully fresh and comfortable all day. It also contains SPF 15 to help protect your skin. With a semi-matte finish, each of these 16 nature-inspired shades mimics the look of fresh-faced natural skin with a nude glow.

  • 16 nature-inspired shades
  • Up to 24H moisturisation
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Semi-matte, fresh-faced finish
  • SPF 15
  • Suitable for sensitive skin & dermatologically tested

They have 16 different shades, going from really fair shades to dark shades. I've read some of the reviews and one girl said that only The Body Shop had a foundation that would match her dark skin tone. I agree, but then that I've finally found a shade that matches my really fair skin tone.
The foundation costs €20, which is a good price for the great quality that you get.

What I think of the product

I like the fact that this foundation has SPF 15. Even though it's winter and the sun isn't out that much, I want to protect my skin, especially because I've a light form of sun allergy. 
The coverage is indeed not a really thick one, but your skin doesn't feel 'greacy' after you've applied it. Instead my skin feels and looks soft, while previous foundations used to make my skin look oily. 
I also looove the colour; I've tried numerous foundations in my life and they would always make me look like an orange, even when the colour seemed to be lighter than my own skin tone. So if you're one of those people who also has a really light skin tone, I think you will love this foundation!
The one thing I think that can be a bit annoying, is the fact that the texture is a bit 'watery'. I always apply my foundation with my fingers and the foundation is always almost dripping off my fingers as I try to apply it. But once it's on my face, it blends and looks great on my skin.  
Also, the foundation smells nice, like a mixture of sweets and flouwers.

This is how it looks; I don't edit my photos nor wear other makeup because it would give you a false impression of the product. Yes, I am this pale!
Do you also have problems finding the right foundation for your skin tone? What foundation do you use? Let me know in the comments! :)

You can get this product at: The Body Shop 

xoxo Lien Bee

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