Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Winter Survival Kit For The Cold-Blooded

Jeej! It's that time of the year again, where all you want to do is stay warm. During winter, I'm ALWAYS cold and I'm not even joking... Having been born cold-blooded it seems, I had to learn fast how to protect myself against the 'freezing' temperatures in Belgium. This is the winter survival kit for all you reptiles out there.

Layers, layers, layers

Ski socks

Ski socks are the best! You can also wear hiking socks but I find ski socks to be warmer. Just make sure that the shoes you're wearing have a strong shoe sole and are big enough to fit your feet in.


When it's that cold that it seems like the air is trying to cut your legs off, it's always a good idea to wear tights underneath your trousers. Wear thick ones, otherwise they'll feel annoying and you'll do 'the awkward walk'. 


When you wear legwarmers, they will stop cold air from getting into your shoes. I also wear legwarmers for different reasons. Lucky me, I have this great advantage of having extremely long legs. Finding trousers that are long enough can sometimes be impossible. So often I will wear trousers that are a tiny bit too short and wear legwarmers over them so I still can look fancy ;) (like seriously, the only thing long legs are good for, is seeing how jealous people get when they see them. Besides that, finding clothes, public transport, small tables, tiny chairs, ... it all sucks)

Thermal clothing

Besides wearing tights, wearing thermal clothing under your regular clothing is an extra thing that can keep you warm and cosy during winter.

Gloves vs Mittens

Most people prefer gloves over mittens because they're easier to wear. Since I have cold hands all the time I prefer the second option. Yes, wearing gloves comes in handy, but when you wear mittens all your fingers are together in one space and therefore your fingers will be kept nice and warm.

Looking pretty is overrated

Yeah, I think the pictures explain it all ...


Tea (but also coffee and hot chocolates) is the best thing during winter.  Again, I don't think there is much exlplanation needed :) When you finally get home after a cold day and are not able to feel your fingers nor your feet anymore, there's nothing better then getting a cup of hot tea and resting your feet on the heater.

Hot air blower heater

Besides your regular heater, having an extra heater is awesome. My room seems to be at least 2 degrees colder than any other room in the house (maybe I've a ghost in my room?) so I love using the extra heater to make my room extra warm. One thing that is not that great about it is that it makes the air really dry and my eyes are quiet sensitive to it. But if it keeps me warm then it's still worth it!

Moisturising stuff


When I'm stressed I have the horrible habbit to pick my lips. Now that it's winter, my lips are even drier and I have an even bigger tendency to pick my lips so now it's the time of the year to use lipbalm. (Not that you don't have to use it during the rest of the year, but now it's really important to moisurise your lips.) What I love about lipbalms is that they often have a really cute packaging so most of the time I will choose cute packaging over the lipbalm itself. Let me know if you do that too! ;)

Hand Cream

Hand cream during this time of the year is again really important. Apparently I have some type of light nickel allergy that my aunt has as well, which means my hands are dry all year around, especially it seems when I go to amusement parks. Luckily it's just a really light form, but I still like some good hand cream! Also, using a body lotion is less effective than using a handcream. I first was a firm believer that you can use Nivea Soft for anything and that is indeed true; but it doesn't work as well as an actual handcream.

For if you would like to know, I stole this hand cream from my mom, and apparently it's from a Belgian brand. If you would like to purchase this, which I think is only possible if you're Flemish, you can do that here


For most people, conditioner is already a must but now, everybody's hair is getting frizzy and everybody could use a good conditioner. Even though I've short hair, I always like to use a good amount of product. Recently I've bought a new conditioner from Lush 'American Cream'. I will do a review on this when I've used the product a bit more.

Fleece blanket

I looove getting cosy with a fleece blanket, especially whilst reading a good book or watching the television with my family. Since I'm 'cold-blooded', I feel like they've invented fleece blankets so we can use them all the time. I mean , you even have special ones where you can put your feet in or those with sleeves, which I would love to have! 

Look at these little cuties enjoying their cosy blanket! 

What do you do to fight the cold? Do you have any special rituals to prepare yourself against such horrible temperatures? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo Lien