Thursday, 3 December 2015

Dorm Life: Making that nice hot chocolate whenever you want!

This week I had to get my biggest coat out and we all know what that means, the winter is (already) settling in.

I live in a dorm where I share a big kitchen and have my own fridge, which creates a lot of cooking possibilities. Sadly enough, cooking an amazing meal isn't always an option when you have limited time and only have to cook for yourself. 

This is an easy and quick way (duh!) to make a nice hot chocolate which is almost completely vegan.

Your traditional ingredients: Milk, chocolate and a sweetener as an extra option

Instead of using cow milk, you can use almond milk, which tastes just as good, in my opinion even better. For chocolate, use one which has a really high percentage of cacao. The highest one I could find in the nearest supermarket had 84%, but there's chocolate which has up to 98% cacao in it. To make it completely vegan, you can use pure cacao powder, but I would never be able to use all of it and it would only take up a lot of space in my dorm. As a sweetener, use about one teaspoon of honey.

First I heat up the milk a little bit in the microwave. Next I add chocolate and heat up the milk again. Last, I add honey as a sweetener and stir well so there's an equal amount of chocolate everywhere. 

Drink it like a pro:

- While reading a book and listening to your favourite Christmas music

- While watching your favourite youtuber, movie, series,... 
- While wearing your most christmassy pyjamas
- ...

I'm starting to get in the Christmas mood, really looking forward to celebrating it together with my friends and family :)

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and are having a wonderful day!

xoxo Lien Bee

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